Top 6 Brunch Essentials

Yes, we are talking about brunch essentials. After coming up with many things that make brunch brunch, we narrowed it down to the 6 things that make brunch brunch.

1. Friends

Be honest, is it even brunch without friends? Who else are you going to laugh, plan out your next vacation, and reminisce with?

2. Avocado Toast

If brunch could be summed up in one single thing it would be avocado toast. There is nothing that says brunch more than a $15 avocado toast.

3. Champagne Mimosas

Champagne mimosas are an essential part of brunch. How else are you going to ease off that hangover from last night?

4. Pancakes & Waffles

Pancakes or waffles? It’s a hard one but whatever you choose, bring it on. There is nothing better than a stack of fluffy pancakes or a hot Belgium waffle with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

5. Smoothie Bowl

Bowl food is trendy. And yes, we approve of smoothie bowls. Get your favorite smoothie then top with fresh fruit, granola, chia seeds and more.

6. Fresh Fruit

By now it’s time to start thinking about the week ahead and making up for that pizza you had earlier this weekend. Treating your body to some fresh fruit is always a good idea at brunch.

Did we miss anything you think is a brunch essential? Let us know!

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